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Title: A Training Course in Chakra Energy; How they Work & How to Keep them Unblocked & Healthy

A Guide to Chakras is a full training course on chakra energy, alignment and health. It includes details of alternative and extended chakra systems.

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Chapter 1: Introduction to the Chakras: Understanding the Energy Centers Within

Chapter 2: The Root Chakra: Cultivating Stability and Grounding

Chapter 3: The Sacral Chakra: Unleashing Creativity and Embracing Emotional Wellness

Chapter 4: The Solar Plexus Chakra: Cultivating Personal Power and Self-Confidence

Chapter 5: The Heart Chakra: Opening the Gateway to Love and Compassion

Chapter 6: The Throat Chakra: Expressing Authenticity and Clear Communication

Chapter 7: The Third Eye Chakra: Awakening Intuition and Inner Wisdom

Chapter 8: The Crown Chakra: Connecting with Higher Consciousness and Spirituality

Chapter 9: Alternative Chakra Systems - Tibetan, Chinese, Egyptian, Andean, African, Extended

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Chakra Book Gift Page: 350 x 250

Chakra Book

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