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16 Ebooks covering a huge selection of astrology topics from around the qworld.
Includes Manuals/Courses For:
Vedic Astrology, Egyptian Astrology, Kabbalah Astrology, Hellenistic Astrology,  Celtic Astrology, the Sky People Astrology, Tibetan Astrology, Medical Astrology, Astrological Insights for Traders and Investors, Chinese Astrology, Mayan Astrology, Aboriginal Astrology, Sumerian Astrology and How to do Astrology Readings

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The items you will find in this pack include:

- Tibetan Astrology: Unlocking the Cosmic Secrets
- Astrological Insights for Traders and Investors
- Ways of the Sky People Native American Astrological Traditions
- Medical Astrology Unveiled; A Path to Holistic Health
- Unlocking the Power of Celtic Astrology
- Astrology and the Kabbalah
- Chinese Astrology Demystified A Practical Guide
- Mayan Astrology: Aligning with the Tzolk'in
- Under the Southern Cross: Aboriginal Australian Astrology

The Astrology Value Mega Pack

- Stars of Eridu: Decoding Sumerian Astrological Wisdom
- Jyotish: The Sacred Science of Vedic Astrology
- The Astrological Wisdom of Ancient Egypt
- Astrology and the Tarot Cards (with Master Resell Rights)
- The Zodiac of Runes: Cosmic Coding and Destiny
- Art of Astrology (with Master Resell Rights)
- The Ancient Art of Hellenistic Astrology

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Astrology Value Mega Pack
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8 Chakra and Kundalini Audio Meditations

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